DIY speaker cablesHi there,
Thanks for visiting my page. I hope my site has given you the information, links, and techniques you need to make your own DIY cables. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email, I am happy to help.

A bit about me, I have a M.B.A. focused on information systems and I currently work at the Cleveland Clinic. I work as  a program analyst in the cardiothoracic research department where they are discovering some very cool treatments that will change they way cardio care is performed. In the past I have worked at an international airport providing logistical support to agencies such as the FAA, FBI, secret service and even led the Presidents motorcade off the airfield.

Making DIY cables is only one of my  hobbies. If i’m not at work, or updating this site, I like to build HTPCs, walk my puppy and dabble in digital photography. I also own a consulting agency for small business focused on information security and internet presence.

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Sean Coyne